Honor the Sacred Time – Wisdom Wednesday

Happy Wisdom Wednesday, Warriors!

We must honor the Most High, the Universe and ourselves by allowing ourselves to connect and disconnect. We connect by grounding ourselves and being centered. We connect by opening our mind and heart to the Most High. We connect by aligning ourselves with the Universe. We connect by being one with ourselves. We connect by being an empty vessel waiting to be filled.

We disconnect from the demands of the day; of our lives. We disconnect from the constant movement that is us. We disconnect by releasing all thought, all feelings, all experiences of the day. We disconnect by becoming free.

We must protect the time for it is sacred. It is sacred because of our connection. It is sacred because of our energy. It is sacred because of our own sacredness.

Honor it.

Choose You – Thoughtful Thursday

You are allowed to choose yourself. Choose yourself over to-dos. Choose yourself over errands. Choose yourself over chores. Choose yourself over obligations. Choose yourself over frustrations. 

Choose yourself over outside influences. 

Choose yourself over wounds. 

Choose yourself over hurts. 

Choose yourself over everything. 

Choose yourself. 

It is important to allow yourself the space to heal. Rejuvenate yourself. To relax. To be quiet. To be loud. To scream. To dance. To exercise. To lay still. To go for a walk. To have a “cheat meal.” To fast. To pray. To cry. To look. To love. To live. To be full of life. It is important. Choose you. 

It is your Universal right. You have the power. 

You got this, Warrior. 

Slow Down Sunday

// Slow Down Sunday //

We must listen to our body + spirit when it is giving us signs to slow down. It is not possible to do EVERYTHING at once. Many activities that we are committed to (family, work, housekeeping, errands, volunteering, learning, etc.) requires quite a bit of energy. And lending that energy to all of those different areas quickly runs down the energy supply. How does one remedy that? They slow down. They step away from some things to provide the space to focus on certain things and heal. Maybe the space means reducing where your energy goes and focusing on a smaller amount of things. Maybe it means just focusing on yourself and family. Maybe it means just focusing on yourself. Whatever the answer may be, it can be found within. Don’t ignore it. Don’t allow yourself to deplete your energy resources without replenishing it. Don’t ignore yourself, Warrior.

Our life is ours to live. Take time to rest. Enjoy solitude as it allows us to regenerate ourselves.  Allow yourself the joys of life. The seemingly small and big moments are to be cherished. Celebrate life everyday!

Message to the Warriors

Message to the Warriors // 

First and foremost, we are ALL Warriors. We have power to control our mindset, our outlook, and our reactions. Lead with a grateful heart and spirit. Let go of all else.

As you progress through this week, carry this message with you and hold it close. Let it serve as a reminder of the important things and how it begins within. 

Cheers to a fruitful and gratitude-filled week!