Sleep, Please.

Oh, sleep. How we all love you, but you often elude us. Or rather, our lifestyles stands in the way of a strong relationship with you. But we need you, sleep. We will coax you and do all that we can to have you back in our lives.

Work, errands, goals, stress, bad habits and not being in tune with nature often has a big impact on our sleep. It is imperative for us to have good, restful sleep. But night after night, we awake to feeling completely drained and rundown. We reach for cup after cup of coffee, we count the hours, we drag on, and continue the cycle.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Lessons in All Things


When we think lessons, we picture a teacher being at the board in elementary school teaching us basic addition. After we leave school and become adults, the word, ‘lesson’, is practically omitted from our minds. However, it is still very much a part of our lives.

I’ve always been told that there is a lesson in everything. When most people hear this phrase, they don’t fully comprehend the meaning. Naturally, we all have had our trials, errors, growth spurts, triumphs, and victories. Sometimes, everything feels like a battle. Other times, everything feels like a breeze. But do you take the time out to reflect on the lesson?

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Insomnia, Meet Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil, the Warrior of insomnia.

In today’s time, sleep (read: good, quality sleep) is hard to come by. Some days, sleep is great. Other days, it eludes us. This is often due to many different factors within our life such as stress, lack of sleep pattern (not going to bed at the same time), staying up too late, viewing our phones/computers/television late into the night, chronic pain, bad diet, lack of exercise, etc. However, sleep is essential to our livelihood. No one wants to feel like a walking zombie on autopilot. It is easy to fall into the pattern of terrible sleep and relying on an endless amount of coffee. However, there are some things that we can implement in our lives to ensure that we get the sleep that we need that will allow our bodies and minds to heal and recuperate as we rest.

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Coming Soon

Viola’s Garden will feature recipes, gardening information, and benefits of vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Named after my great-grandmother who has always gardened since she was a child. My great-grandmother ensured that her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren learned how to feed themselves, to gently care for the earth, her love for her garden, and her love for us. She is the catalyst of our ways and she passed her fuel and love to my mother who does the same.

Wisdom Wednesday: One Must Always Listen

It’s funny how our parents (or those who were like parents to us) bestow wisdom on us all the time. Often, as kids, we probably didn’t understand the full meaning of it, didn’t pay much mind to it, or thought it was great but it didn’t seem applicable at that time.

Fast forward x amount of years and you hear the whispers of your parents’ words in your mind. That happens more often than not. In fact, I smile when I hear it. They love(d) me enough to guide me. One thing that stands out today is that we must always listen. Always.

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Adapt and Thrive


When we hear the word, “adapt,” we often perceive it as something animals do when they are in the wild Or something someone else does but you will never need to do.

When in fact, we must adapt. We must evolve. We shall thrive.

There have been (seemingly) minor and major events that occurred that required me to adapt. Changing schools. Moving cities. Starting a new job. Practicing greater patience. Healing from illness or injury. Improving my sprints. The list goes on.

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Time to Reflect

I always take time to reflect (planned or unplanned). This gives me the opportunity to put things into perspective. Oftentimes, we get caught up what we are trying to accomplish that we do not take the time to reflect on what we already accomplished. Ironically, I was reflecting on things that I wrote in the past and came across this post from December 31st, 2014.

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Look at the Past as Lessons

It is important to look at the past as lessons only.

These things were put in place to make you strive for better. To aim higher.

Nothing will stop you unless you allow it.

If you take a moment to reflect, you’ll find yourself smiling and thanking the lesson for it made you stronger. Look at examples around you. Those who’ve faced unthinkable adversity&are here to tell you.

Push out, my good people!

One love.

New Moon: March


New Moon. New Season.

It’s up to you to utilize this beautiful opportunity to grow, love, teach, prosper, be one within, and be at peace.
One Love.

[2015 March 20]