Adapt and Thrive


When we hear the word, “adapt,” we often perceive it as something animals do when they are in the wild Or something someone else does but you will never need to do.

When in fact, we must adapt. We must evolve. We shall thrive.

There have been (seemingly) minor and major events that occurred that required me to adapt. Changing schools. Moving cities. Starting a new job. Practicing greater patience. Healing from illness or injury. Improving my sprints. The list goes on.

Changes in life are as guaranteed as the world spinning. It just happens. But the interesting part is how this is often inconceivable to many. We get used to how things are and one change and it throws off our livelihood. We do not know how to adapt. Now, adapting does not mean conforming, in a sense. Adapting means allowing yourself to process the new factors and adjusting so that you can continue to live.

Have you ever looked at the roots of a tree? They are all over the place, but do you really look? For example, you see a tree surrounded by concrete near a building. The tree does not shutdown because concrete invaded its space. The tree’s roots climb over and under any and everything it needs to survive.

We must think like a tree. Everything that occurs is not always to hinder us. It is to grow us. Teach us. Protect us. We must realize list.

Not only can we adapt and make it. We have the power to THRIVE.

The choice is ours.

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