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Viola’s Garden will feature recipes, gardening information, and benefits of vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Named after my great-grandmother who has always gardened since she was a child. My great-grandmother ensured that her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren learned how to feed themselves, to gently care for the earth, her love for her garden, and her love for us. She is the catalyst of our ways and she passed her fuel and love to my mother who does the same.

Wisdom Wednesday: One Must Always Listen

It’s funny how our parents (or those who were like parents to us) bestow wisdom on us all the time. Often, as kids, we probably didn’t understand the full meaning of it, didn’t pay much mind to it, or thought it was great but it didn’t seem applicable at that time.

Fast forward x amount of years and you hear the whispers of your parents’ words in your mind. That happens more often than not. In fact, I smile when I hear it. They love(d) me enough to guide me. One thing that stands out today is that we must always listen. Always.

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