Wisdom Wednesday: One Must Always Listen

It’s funny how our parents (or those who were like parents to us) bestow wisdom on us all the time. Often, as kids, we probably didn’t understand the full meaning of it, didn’t pay much mind to it, or thought it was great but it didn’t seem applicable at that time.

Fast forward x amount of years and you hear the whispers of your parents’ words in your mind. That happens more often than not. In fact, I smile when I hear it. They love(d) me enough to guide me. One thing that stands out today is that we must always listen. Always.

As a human, we are always going to experience something that makes us grow. We may think that it is a challenge, protecting us, hindering us, you name it. We wonder how it is that we will get to the other side; the proverbial tunnel. But have you ever realized (perhaps, in hindsight) that the answer is there? That if you get quiet and/or be still, you will have your answer. Now, it may not arrive when we want or think that it should but it will get there.

You may wonder if you should take a job, if you should end/begin a new friendship/relationship, if you should leave the house, if you are getting sick, if you really should spend your money on that thing that you’ve wanted for the longest time, if something isn’t right but you just can’t put your finger on it, if you’re doing too much, if your kid is doing something that shouldn’t be, and the list continues.

When all of these things are going through your mind, do you ever give yourself time to get quiet, close your eyes, and look within? Do you open your ears to the universe to find your answer? Do you work to find your center so that you can be in tune with yourself? You should. Always. There is a guiding light within and around. Tap into it.

Keep an ear to hear. The answers are there.

You got this, Warrior.

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