Wisdom Wednesday: Lessons in All Things


When we think lessons, we picture a teacher being at the board in elementary school teaching us basic addition. After we leave school and become adults, the word, ‘lesson’, is practically omitted from our minds. However, it is still very much a part of our lives.

I’ve always been told that there is a lesson in everything. When most people hear this phrase, they don’t fully comprehend the meaning. Naturally, we all have had our trials, errors, growth spurts, triumphs, and victories. Sometimes, everything feels like a battle. Other times, everything feels like a breeze. But do you take the time out to reflect on the lesson?

Have you ever wanted something or wanted something to work and it didn’t? Or it did and did not go the way you thought it should have? Did you once have friends that you were extremely close to before but are not now? Have you ever been in a situation that makes you wonder how you are still standing?

Yes? Do you know what all of those things taught you?

Perhaps, you learned that you would like a different career than you originally envisioned. That you are worth more than the way are being treated. That although the work environment/neighborhood/school/home was toxic, it made you resilient and now you don’t sweat the small stuff. That you didn’t know you were that strong and that you can overcome your circumstances. That you had a hidden talent that you never knew about. That you can make someone happy. That you are an excellent spouse/parent/friend despite not having great examples. That you are perfectly content with being by yourself until deserving company shows its face. That you need to practice patience. That you need to slow down. That the world is a beautiful place that you should enjoy. That you are beautiful. That you are powerful beyond measure. That you are a Warrior.

Take time out to learn the lesson. They are not set out to break you. There are there to teach you. You must be aware of the lesson and learn it. For a lesson not learned is wisdom lost. For a lesson not learned is repeated.

Be a continuous learner, Warrior.

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