Sleep, Please.

Oh, sleep. How we all love you, but you often elude us. Or rather, our lifestyles stands in the way of a strong relationship with you. But we need you, sleep. We will coax you and do all that we can to have you back in our lives.

Work, errands, goals, stress, bad habits and not being in tune with nature often has a big impact on our sleep. It is imperative for us to have good, restful sleep. But night after night, we awake to feeling completely drained and rundown. We reach for cup after cup of coffee, we count the hours, we drag on, and continue the cycle.

Though so simple, we often forget that our habits can be changed and they can improve our sleep. Some habits that we can add to our routine are:

  • Exercise several times a week (preferably everyday) such as walking, swimming and hiking. (Morning workouts are great! If you workout in the evening, try to complete your workout 3 hours before bed).
  • Go to be at the same time. (Yes, it is a bedtime like we had when we were kids, but our parents knew what they were talking about.)
  • No screen time for at least an hour before your bedtime (e.g. cell phone, computer, television).
  • Cut-off time from working/chores/mental processing at least a couple of hours before bed. This allows your time for you to relax.
  • Take a relaxing shower/bath with chamomile, lavender, or other essential oils
  • Have a cup of chamomile tea an hour before bed
  • Have an outlet to channel energy (writing in diary, reading a book, drawing, etc.)
  • Utilize lavender oil for sleep
  • Keep the room dark and cool. Utilize a sleep mask or blackout curtains.
  • Use a clock that plays soothing and relaxing music such as nature sounds

After sometime, we will soon realize that sleep loves us, indeed.

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