Wisdom Wednesday: Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind.

Release the thoughts of tomorrow. Release the thoughts of things that need to get done. Release the thoughts of what you could have done better. Release the thoughts of what bad things have happened. Release the thoughts of frustration. Release the thoughts of clutter. Release all thoughts that do no uplift you.

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Fuel the Day: Get on the Good Foot!

As James Brown said, “Get on the Good Foot!”

I believe that fueling our day through healthy food is getting on the good foot.

Look at the word, “breakfast.” I read, “break” “fast.” The first meal of the day is to break the fast that you begin after dinner and while you are asleep. Providing your body with nutritional essentials is imperative for a Warrior’s mind, body, and spirit. Mind, because a Warrior is unable to function at their highest mental capacity without healthy food, thus being sluggish, not processing properly, and sometimes getting frustrated. Body, because a Warrior’s body requires physical substance to heal, prepare, and function. Spirit, because when one is not feeling healthy/well, it can dampen a Warrior’s spirits.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Empowerment of Patience


Such a magical word. Such a glorious virtue to have. Such a difficult thing to embody and put (keep) in to practice.

Patience with others. Patience with ourselves. Patience with what were are doing. Patience with our progress. Patience with our current state in our journey. Patience with our growth. Patience with our healing. Patience at the moment. Patience with the future.

Just. Patience.

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Home Spa, Warrior-Style: 8 Benefits of Detox Soaking


Who doesn’t love the spa?!

We’d all like to be able to go the spa often, but that isn’t always possible. However, the spa can be created in our own home just for each of us. Also, what if I told you that the home spa will help alkalize the body and remove toxins?

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The Wonders of African Black Soap

IMAG3669_1There are so many wonderful gifts that nature provides us with and African Black Soap is one of the best!

It is imperative to use products that heal and protect our skin, rather than damage it. African Black Soap provides so many magnificent benefits to the skin and body that both heals and protects. The soap has the power to…

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Wisdom Wednesday: Guard Your Elements

Behold your power. Behold your worth. Behold your peace. Behold your joy.

You, fellow Warrior, are the ruler of them all. No one, but you.

Each of the universal elements that are within us are magnificent but can also be fragile…if we allow it to be. As much as it is treasured, it will be challenged. We must be the protectors of the elements. We shall not allow anyone else the power to control what is within each of us.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Break the Cycle

Break the cycle.

As with the circle of life, there are things that are within us that have been passed down from generation to generation. Not heirlooms, wealth, or homes. These things that have been passed down are things that we can do without. One stands to better themselves by correcting it.

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Deodorant, please. Hold the Aluminum.

Deodorant: the beholder of freshness, fighter of funk.

It sounds like a superhero, and that is because it is. We all (almost, all) use it. We rely on it. We appreciate it. However, a large majority of us use what is now considered, traditional/conventional deodorant. One of the main ingredients of traditional deodorant is aluminum, as it is used as anti-prepersiperant. Continue reading