Deodorant, please. Hold the Aluminum.

Deodorant: the beholder of freshness, fighter of funk.

It sounds like a superhero, and that is because it is. We all (almost, all) use it. We rely on it. We appreciate it. However, a large majority of us use what is now considered, traditional/conventional deodorant. One of the main ingredients of traditional deodorant is aluminum, as it is used as anti-prepersiperant. However, for some of those with sensitive underarms, it can make the lymph nodes swell. The swelling of the lymph nodes are our body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right. Just like when people are allergic to something, the body reacts.

To prevent this reaction, alternatives can be used. There are a TON of different deodorants out there to choose from. Like most things, selection will come through trial and error. Some people choose to make their own deodorant while others like to purchase theirs.

One of my personal favorites is Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant. It comes in a jar (old school-style) with a little spatula to measure out the amount one needs. It smells great but works even better. With many scents to choose from, each person has the ability to experiment with which one they like the best. Under ten bucks and lasts for a while, it is worth the investment.

If you are looking to use natural deodorant for health reasons or personal reasons, add Schmidt’s to your list.

Happy funk-fightin’, Warriors.

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