Wisdom Wednesday: Break the Cycle

Break the cycle.

As with the circle of life, there are things that are within us that have been passed down from generation to generation. Not heirlooms, wealth, or homes. These things that have been passed down are things that we can do without. One stands to better themselves by correcting it.

Oftentimes, one may stray away from something better because “it has always been that way.” One may choose to stay within the confines of this toxic box. We do not have the courage to find a way to improve our situation for fear of disappointment or failure. We do not believe that we can have a successful relationship because we were not brought up within one. We are afraid to come to terms with the fact that we are not a product of our environment. We do not understand the circumstances of which we were brought up in does not have to remain the same for our entire lives. We do not realize that although no one in our family has gone to college that it will be the same for me.

We must choose to work to be what we’ve always wanted for ourselves. We can have a successful relationship with another person. We can move from the old neighborhood. We can discontinue the generational curse of obesity, drugs, alcoholism, and abuse. We are not a victim of the abuse we may have faced. We have the power to love. We are worthy. We are strong. We can defeat poverty. We will find/create a successful, lucrative career.

We must not allow the cycle to continue. We must break it. We must create a new and powerful cycle full of love, humility, harmony, peace, joy, and boundless energy.

You know why? We are what we create our lives to be. We were not made to be miserable or continue an unnecessary cycle. We have the power to change. We shall thrive.

Break the cycle, whatever it is. Whether it was handed to you generationally, through circumstance, or your own doing. Tell the cycle, “no.” Recreate it in a new light.

You have the power.

Be the cycle, Warrior.

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