Wisdom Wednesday: Guard Your Elements

Behold your power. Behold your worth. Behold your peace. Behold your joy.

You, fellow Warrior, are the ruler of them all. No one, but you.

Each of the universal elements that are within us are magnificent but can also be fragile…if we allow it to be. As much as it is treasured, it will be challenged. We must be the protectors of the elements. We shall not allow anyone else the power to control what is within each of us.

Challenges are inevitable. Sometimes challenges are to build character. Sometimes it is to make you stronger. Sometimes it is to teach you a lesson. Sometimes, they were set out to attempt to break you. But you must not allow it.

There will be those who intentionally set out to upset you due to spite, jealousy, envy, hatred, or other toxic energies. These individuals have their own battle to fight and you should not allow it to influence you. There are some who will upset you indirectly by something they’ve done (e.g. cut you off while driving, hit your door with their car door, didn’t hold the door for you…). We must consciously choose to not let it get to us.

There are ways to remove the energy of frustration. Breathe in deeply, breathe out. Mentally find your joyful place. If you need to close your eyes and pretend that you are in Fiji, so be it. If you need to mentally transport to the time when your parents took you to the park or any other wonderful, nostalgic memories, do so. Whatever positive actions that you need to take to maintain your joy, you must do it.

We must guard our elements.

You are the beholder of your power. You are the beholder of your worth. You are the beholder of your peace. You are the beholder of your joy.

Much peace to you, Warrior.

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