Wisdom Wednesday: Empowerment of Patience


Such a magical word. Such a glorious virtue to have. Such a difficult thing to embody and put (keep) in to practice.

Patience with others. Patience with ourselves. Patience with what were are doing. Patience with our progress. Patience with our current state in our journey. Patience with our growth. Patience with our healing. Patience at the moment. Patience with the future.

Just. Patience.

It seems so simple but at times it isn’t.

The practice of patience is essential. As I write this, I reflect on the many ways I’ve improved since I’ve embarked on my journey of patience. Now don’t get me wrong; some days and moments are better than others.

We all have our ups and downs as we face each day and obstacles. Sometimes, we are just tired. Sometimes, hanger overshadows our patience threshold. Other times, things happen to frustrate us. Or we see where we want to be versus where we are. Or we are trying to figure out how things are going to get done because we wish it was done a while ago. Or we are battling some health trials that we wish were over as soon as they began. Sometimes, we want things done the way that we want them done.

Each time we find ourselves in this state, just stop. Take a moment to reflect. Visit why we are feeling the way that we are. Be conscientious of how we feel. Each time you bring awareness to yourself, you will broaden the spectrum of your patience. It is in practice. Sometimes, we may slip, but that’s okay. Each time we will get better. We will learn. We will progress.

With patience, there is less stress. With patience, one is able to enjoy moments, days, and life better. With patience, you are you, completely. With patience, you will enjoy this journey. With patience, comes peace. With patience, comes joy. With patience, comes growth. With patience, comes life.

Patience. It seems so simple. It seems like an optional virtue to embody. It may seem unobtainable. But it is not.

Practice it. Own it. Let it fill you.

Be patient, Warrior. It is all a journey. Make it a good one.

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