Wisdom Wednesday: “CAN’T” Does Not Exist

Can’t. Can not.

Does not exist. I repeat: Can’t does not exist. Can’t is a limiting word. A limiting mindset.

By allowing this word this word to fester within your mind, spirit, and entire being, you are placing limitations on yourself. You are capable of many great things. You are one of many talents. Allowing someone or yourself to tell you that you “can’t”, is unfair to you.

Sure, we may get discouraged at times but that is a temporary situation. One should not dwell on the things that seems like to did not happen. One must realize that often times, when something does happen, it was to protect you. However, you do not want to get in your own way of being able to grow and achieve your goals.

Far too often, we hear, “I can’t do ____ because of ____” or “You can’t do _____. You are not old/tall/smart/wise/great enough.” Tell those people and those thoughts to pipe down. No one and I mean NO ONE has the power to limit your possibilities. Crush those “can’t” thoughts with “I will.” In all actuality, “can’t” isn’t an option. Either you will or you won’t. That’s all there is to it.

Realize, the original path that you set out of may have some different paths and obstacles. You may need to adjust your map and route but you will still achieve.

In the case that you feel bombarded with “can’t” thoughts, write down the reasons why you feel that way. Then, write down an action that would change that thought for the better. For example, if you wrote down that you can’t become the best teacher there is, write down how you can become the the best teacher there is. Perhaps, you need to observe a class of a great teacher, research successful lesson plans, meet with the parents, and stay involved with school activities. Or if you feel like you can’t get in shape. Write what you can do to get in shape. Perhaps, you take a walk everyday after lunch. You get a buddy that works out with you. You do quick, short exercises at your desk rather than sitting. You get the gist.

There are always, always different things that you can do to be the greatest Warrior that you can be. It begins in the mind which fuels your actions which creates your reality.

Eliminate can’t, Warrior!

Happy thought-conquering!

We Need Minerals?


Yes, we do.

Now, I am sure you are wondering, “Well, don’t I get enough minerals from the food I eat?” Chances are, you don’t (unless you are raw vegan who spends a decent amount of time ensuring that meals are balanced and provides proper nutrients.)

Since we often do not get the nutrients that we need through our food, where should we look? Vitamins? Yes! But not in the way that you think. Many vitamins that are easily accessible through the pharmacy and grocery store do not provide the nutrients that your body needs. Sure, it may be packed with the items but does your body absorb it? No.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Life Adjustments

As people, we all have our own unique, individual, and interesting journies through life.

And on our personal journey, people, experiences and moments are/were placed in our lives to grow us. Sometimes the growth is seemingly marginal, other times significant but it grows us, nonetheless. In this time, the growth is a wonderful experience and many, many times, there are growing pains. We have to make adjustments in our lives, whether it is desirable at that moment or not. Those adjustments may be working more, studying more, spending less (or more…think investment), getting quiet, removing ourselves from situations, befriending new people, unfriending old people, stepping out on faith, etc. 

These moments really show us something. It shows strength. It shows resilience. It shows determination.

Have patience. Have faith. It’s frustrating. It’s painful. It’s beautiful. It’s glorious. But it makes you. Choose humility over bitterness. Choose peace over chaos. Our small choices make up the big picture.

Be prepared for greatness to come out of this. But realize, that all great people have had their fair amount of tribulations and lost plenty of people who were with them. But keep going. You deserve it. But true to you and one with the universe.

You got this, warrior.

Wisdom Wednesday: Pace Yourself


Loosely defined as continuous yet consistent rate of walking or running.

Pace, as it has to do with life is quite similar. All Warriors have their own journey to experience. There are many factors that contribute to it based on our decisions and life itself. Now, it is common in our world for Warriors to be conditioned to get things done quickly and move to the next thing. This conditioning not only filters through physical actions that we take but also ties into our journey. Oftentimes, one ends up inconsistently running through life.

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The MIGHTY Benefits of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – Health Edition


There are some things that are a must have in life and raw apple cider vinegar is one of those things. When we go back to nature, we find mighty items full of power to fuel the Warrior of Earth. This simple (not really simple) liquid can do a trillion things and solve problems. There are health benefits, beauty benefits, home benefits, the list goes on. Although it can be used in many ways, the bottom line is that you must have this in your life. Always.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Worry Not, Warrior

There is that word again: worry.

Worry is not our friend but seems to accompany us more than we’d like.

Too often, work, family, bills, experiences, trials, and challenges allows worry to show up. It tries to ingrain itself into our psyche, our spirit, and our body. It can make us tired and feel like we are carrying an extra 300 pounds on us. It steals our sleep. It creates bags beneath our eyes. It ruins our appetite. It saddens us. It tries to weaken us. Continue reading

Let’s Take a Walk


Sometimes (oftentimes), we need to get out. We need to get out and surround ourself with the beauty of nature.

We must walk in the grass, inhale the fragrance of the flowers, witness nature as it happens around us, and enjoy life. Often, we get caught up in the day-to-day and fail to get back to nature. Walking in the gardens is a wonderful way to relieve stress, immerse ourselves in the peaceful vibe around us, and allows us to reset.

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I LOVE Bentonite Clay Masks!

Bentonite Clay Mask

Hellllloooooooo, favorite mask!

One of my most favorite home-spa treatments is the bentonite clay mask (also known as “Indian Healing Clay”).

As you know, I am into resources that are the closest to or in its natural state. Our indigenous ancestors were in a better position of obtaining natural items in comparison to today. But, it can be done!

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Wisdom Wednesday: Trust the Process

Time for a little honesty here.

We all have had moments when we get impatient with our journey. We wonder how we ended up here when we were aiming to end up over there. We wonder how or why we are being challenged the way that we are. We wonder how we ended up off course of where we planned to be. The answer is: because we are supposed to be.

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