Wisdom Wednesday: Trust the Process

Time for a little honesty here.

We all have had moments when we get impatient with our journey. We wonder how we ended up here when we were aiming to end up over there. We wonder how or why we are being challenged the way that we are. We wonder how we ended up off course of where we planned to be. The answer is: because we are supposed to be.

There are MANY reasons why we are where we are. Why we are not “there” yet. It is simple. It is part of our journey.

Whenever we set out, day by day, it is a journey. Our journey. We cannot foresee what is to come. Honestly, if we could foresee our journey, we may not want to get out of bed and face it. We would not be Warriors.

Truthfully, many of us can sit back and realize that our path has been dictated by our choices, actions, and the Universe. Sometimes, we need to take a little detour to learn a lesson. Or to be protected from something. Or to wait on something better. Now, it may not always seem that way but you must trust the process.

When we begin to look at where we are and the place(s) we want to go, we get anxious. We get discouraged. We get frustrated. We try to speed it up. But you must realize that our journey is not just to get us from one place to the next, it is to build us. Make us better. Make us Warriors that will influence others. Help us feed back positivity into this world. But we cannot achieve that without the process.

Trust that your path is yours. Trust that if you look within and follow the guiding light, you will succeed. Trust that all of your experiences has molded you into the person that you are. Trust that what we perceive as bad may not be. Trust that your situation will improve. Trust that you will not be stuck. Trust that you are helping others. Trust that you are learning and growing. Trust. The. Process.

It is not easy. It is not always smooth. But it is yours.

It is your path, Warrior. Trust it. Believe in it. Follow it.

Much peace.

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