Wisdom Wednesday: Worry Not, Warrior

There is that word again: worry.

Worry is not our friend but seems to accompany us more than we’d like.

Too often, work, family, bills, experiences, trials, and challenges allows worry to show up. It tries to ingrain itself into our psyche, our spirit, and our body. It can make us tired and feel like we are carrying an extra 300 pounds on us. It steals our sleep. It creates bags beneath our eyes. It ruins our appetite. It saddens us. It tries to weaken us.

But my fellow Warrior, worry is to be destroyed. It is not welcome. It is not our friend. It is not apart of us. It shall not succeed. Worry is irrelevant.

Worry does not know our strength. It fails to realize that we are Warriors and have overcome much greater things than our worries. We have persevered when we did not know what the outcome would be. We have stepped out on faith when there was no bottom to keep us from falling. Worry shall not win.

When we feel overwhelmed and full of worry, we shall pull out our shield and sword and wage a war on them. Get quiet and reach deep inside to pull your strength from within. Create a clear vision of you conquering everything that seems to weigh on you. Light an incense. Pull our your healing crystals. Burn some sage. Burn some palo santo wood. Reset the energies. And just like that, your worries will be carried away with the smoke that rises above just like you will. It is all about intent. It is all about mindset.

YOU shall persevere. You will conquer it all. Worry not, Warrior. You are greater than it.

Peace to you, Warrior.

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