Wisdom Wednesday: Pace Yourself


Loosely defined as continuous yet consistent rate of walking or running.

Pace, as it has to do with life is quite similar. All Warriors have their own journey to experience. There are many factors that contribute to it based on our decisions and life itself. Now, it is common in our world for Warriors to be conditioned to get things done quickly and move to the next thing. This conditioning not only filters through physical actions that we take but also ties into our journey. Oftentimes, one ends up inconsistently running through life.

We set five year plans. We imagine all of the time where we want to accomplish in our career. We imagine what needs to be done in the next moment and completely ignore the present.

Think about a track meet. Sprints vs. Long Distance. A sprinter can run 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. A long distance runner may run the same distance at a much slower speed. They are conditioned differently which contributes to their performance. Now, think about yourself for a moment and how you view your journey on a day-to-day basis. Are you constantly   mentally leaving the present to think about the future? Not enjoying the gifts of the day because you are stressing about a task you need to complete next week. Worrying about getting that promotion at work rather than enjoying what you do? Are you in school and putting your all into graduating early and not enjoy the wonderful moments of school?

Stop. No more.

Racing through life and causing consistent stress/anxiety is not the way to live. Are you subconsciously racing to the finish line?  Life is like a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump infamously said. Sometimes, you may get one that you like (read: experiences). Sometimes, you may get one that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. But all of these contribute to your experience of enjoying the gift of chocolates (read: life).

Pace yourself.

One does not want to rush through life at a high rate of speed that they were not able to enjoy the view along the way. There will be blurry memories rather than vivid ones. There will be “oh, I wish I had done ______” or “I wish I would have slowed down to be able to ______.” One should not live that way. Life is to be enjoyed. Granted, there will be some challenges that we must go through. But that contributes to our strength as Warriors. Nothing will be easy.

Pace yourself.

And enjoy the fruits of life. Basque in the sun that shines down on you. Enjoy the breeze as it caresses your skin. Laugh as the skies open up and rain down on you to wash away the open and nourish the Earth. Listen to the birds sings and the insects chant to the Most High. Watch the colors change on the trees as the seasons move. Be thankful for the harvest that comes about. Love Mother Earth as if she gave life to you directly from her soil.

Pace your way and do not lose sight. Enjoy your journey.

It will not always be easy but it can be done. Be contentious of your pace and all shall be well.

Happy pacing, Warriors!

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