Wisdom Wednesday: It’s All On You

The truth is, we are responsible for ourselves.

Our goals. Our dreams. Our progress. It is all on us.

We, as individuals, must realize that we are in charge of our journey. It is not the responsibility of another to get us to where we want to be. We must make up our minds to get our mind and spirit in line with our goals. We are responsible for putting one step in front of the other. We are responsible for not giving up. We are responsible for continuing when we feel as though we can’t anymore. We are responsible for re-evaluating the “plan” when a part of it did not work.

If we want to make progress, we must change what we are doing. Be it our thought process, our motivators, our habits, our lack of motion, our complacency, our surroundings, our company, our process, we must change it. We must adjust. Just like the captain of the sailboat, we must adjust our sails to keep us on our path. We are responsible for ourselves. It is all on us.

We can intend to do many things but whether we take action or not makes the difference. Far too often, we wait on that “something” or that person or the “right time”, when in all actuality, you are waiting on yourself. It is all on you. There is no such thing as the right time, that certain person, the certain situation, when we are comfortable enough or any other “perfect moment.”

Far too often, we get in our own way. We must not allow this to continue. It is all on you. WE are the change that we seek. We are the light to our path. We can receive advice, we can receive guidance, we can be influence, however, unless the decision is made within, one will not progress to their fullest.

We are responsible for ourselves everyday and at every moment. It is all on us to be the best Warrior there is. Our progress, goals, dreams, success, harmony, and peace is all on us.

Let go and let growth, Warrior.

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