Wisdom Wednesday: You Want It? You Gotta Earn It.

Nothing in this life comes easy. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

If anyone told you that it does, they are not your friend since they lied to you — and they are misguided.

Everything that we do will require work. It will require effort. It will require patience. It will require stamina. It will require faith.

Often, we get caught up in what we want to do and achieve and we forget that we have to work our way up to it. Some of the things that we think are off our path are actually preparing us for what we are to achieve. Think of it like the quizzes before the final exam. The quizzes are short bursts of knowledge testing that prepares our mind to succeed on the final exam.

Consciously or subconsciously, we expect for things to just happen or to fall in our lap. This mindset goes against the laws of life. Our efforts, our trials, our triumphs, or growth fuels the journey to our successes. It will not always be pretty. It will not always be fun. It may feel like a pain. It may feel like it is not worth it. It may feel like you cannot continue but you can. You shall succeed. Nothing worth having is easy. The sweet taste of victory is glorious when you know how much you’ve worked to get where you are. Not everyone may understand the work and sacrifice but you will. In your heart, you know that you put in the time and effort while being tested and thus growing to get where you are. And you know that it is not the end. Many times, it is just the beginning. But you know that you can do it. You know that you have it in you.

Do not allow complacency, laziness, and lack of motivation deter you from going after your goals. Do not allow other’s (and your) fear, distrust, frustration and lack of vision to hold you back. Do not allow a temporary situation and (perceived) lack of resources keep you from getting creative and ensuring that you move forward no matter what.

Everything requires work. There is an abundance of energy, hunger, determination, stamina, and will within you. Do not suppress it. Let it be the fuel to your fire.

Keep going and earn it!

You got this, Warrior!

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