Harvest the Energy of the Full Moon


October 27th, 2015.

The full moon is in Taurus. In the days of indigenous cultures and for farmers now, full moons are for harvesting. We can also harvest the energy and seeds that we planted in the Universe so far this year.

The Universe is overflowing with positive energy for us to use and abundantly put forth. The full moon is a way that we can bring it all together, regroup, and reap the positivity.

Bring Light to Your Feelings: As with full moons, emotions tend to be heightened. Be aware of your feelings and do not react quickly to something that may have upset you. Take a quick moment to bring awareness to how you feel and address them in a cognizant manner. This full moon is a wonderful time to express feelings but we must be aware of our approach.

Be One with Nature: Everyday is a great day to bond with the Mother Earth, however, this harvest moon is the epitome of Earth: rooted, creating a solid foundation, stability, and growth (of others as well as yourself). Standing on the surface of the Earth provides a sense of being, strength, stability, growth, and longevity. Allow that energy to flow through you.

Indulge Yourself: What you put into the Universe comes back to you, right? Yes! Treating yourself in a tasteful manner establishes an understanding with the Universe that you will be taken care of. Think of it as a monetary offering. Please keep in mind that this can be something small and does not to need to be something purchased out of greed. Be aware of the energy that you are putting forth while doing this. Were you looking at a new book, essential oils, or to something to grow you? Have at it!

Simple Movements: It is extremely easy to do things quickly to get them done. However, it has been found (we’ve all learned this the hard way at some point) that simple steps and objectives are better. The approach allows us to focus on our objectives, work on them, understand them fully and succeed. Establish a rhythm that works for you and you will find it to be beautiful.

Be Here & Be Aware: As much as we may not want to admit it, our minds are often processing the next step, the next task, the next objective. Oftentimes, we forget to enjoy the moment and feel its energy. This is a magical time that we do not receive do-overs for. It is imperative for us to be present in every moment. We can learn from it and create wonderful memories. On a beautiful day like this, one wants to be sure to feel all the good that it brings.

Be thankful for this full moon and thank her for the gifts that she has bestowed. Be full of positivity, be aware of yourself and others.

Most of all, let every action be that of peace, patience and love.

Happy Full Moon, Warriors!

2 thoughts on “Harvest the Energy of the Full Moon

    • Yes, indeed! The shift is odd because often, it is one of those things that we “can’t put our finger on.” Awareness is the first step. We are all far removed from the ways of our ancestors who were closest to nature but you will get there. The desire and practice are the main things and I see that you have both so you are well on your way!! Thank you for reading!

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