Farmers Market and the Beloved Veggies & Fruits


Man, do I just LOVE the farmer’s market!!

It reminds me of going to the Eastern Market every weekend to purchase spices as well as fruits and veggies when the ones we planted in my Great-Grandmother’s garden was not quite ready. The beautiful times where the produce was the main focus and great pride was taken in what was being offered to the visitors.

Now, whenever I can, I go to the local farmer’s market to purchase local raw honey, fresh vegetables and fruits. Since it is later in the season, the pickings were slim (goodbye summer selection) but I was happy with what I found.

Fall does not mean that there aren’t great selections out there, they are just slightly adjusted. One won’t find an abundance of sweet fruits but will find a healthy selection of greatness. To help you on your next trip to the farmer’s market (or regular market), here are some vegetables and fruits that are in season.

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Wisdom Wednesday: It’s Not You; It’s Your Journey

People are dropping like proverbial files. Those that you were close to before, you all somehow grew apart.

Things are changing. Your present is changing. You are changing. You are growing. You are continuing on your journey.

With every point in our life, we will be challenged in order to grow. There will be many points in our life when we feel a shift. The energy around and within us is preparing for grow. We take a new form. A new shape. You no longer fit into the mold of your former self.

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Wisdom Wednesday: I Commend You

To my earthly warriors, I commend you.
I applaud you for facing your battles with war paint and shields head on.
Never does your situation outwardly reflect your stance.

You may feel ready to throw in the towel. You may feel that no one can possibly understand the battles that you face. 
But realize, Warrior, that you’ve faced many and have prevailed. Yes, they may have been stones thrown in your path, but remember, those are also used for stepping.

And just as the flower looks to the sun for nourishment and strength, others may be looking to you.

Stay strong, Warrior! You are powerful beyond measure.