Wisdom Wednesday: It’s Not You; It’s Your Journey

People are dropping like proverbial files. Those that you were close to before, you all somehow grew apart.

Things are changing. Your present is changing. You are changing. You are growing. You are continuing on your journey.

With every point in our life, we will be challenged in order to grow. There will be many points in our life when we feel a shift. The energy around and within us is preparing for grow. We take a new form. A new shape. You no longer fit into the mold of your former self.

As with the way of the Universe, change goes beyond just you. It will expand to your surroundings. Those around you. The Universe is clearing and re-arranging the road of which you will travel. Just as when you go to different parts of the country and the world, the surroundings are never the same. In some places, you will see a constant stream of trees. In other places, you will only see fields of wildflowers. Where you are in life dictates what you are surrounded by.

Although it is not always pleasant, the shift will uproot what does not belong. There are times when it may seem like the world is against you. Perhaps, you found yourself without a job, without those you usually are able to rely on, in a situation that you never thought of. This is change. This is growing pains. It’s uncomfortable. It’s frustrating. But it will make you better.

Appreciate the relationships that you had with those people. Appreciate the opportunity that you once had. Mentally prepare yourself to receive the greatness that the Universe is preparing to give you. Do not dwell on what you consider losses. Simply take the time to understand what you have learned. One must realize that each chapter of our life is like a grade in primary school. Once you learn all that is to be learned in that grade, you move on.

Open your mind. Open your heart. Address your feelings. Allow it to make you stronger. Face your new chapter of life with gratitude, understanding, peace, faith, joy, and be ready to conquer it all.

You got this, Warrior!

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