Wisdom Wednesday: Those Small Victories!

Tiny but mighty.

Sometimes we need to step back and take a moment to reflect on those little wins rather than focusing on the big ones that we are aiming for but have not accomplished.

We must realize that we are accomplishing something. Our efforts are not futile. Not everything must be in done in grand fashion. Our tiny victories are those that lay the foundation for our success. It prepares us for the next step. We often overlook what we have done thus far as we are focused on what we plan to do. Our big goal may seem far off but realize that you are working your way toward it. You are earning it. You are creating it. You are claiming it. It shall be yours.

Every person that may influence us did not magically make it in one day. They worked at something. They failed. They continued to work and achieved small victories. They kept at it and achieved their goal.

Victories that brings a smile to our face and warms us inside. Victories that lets us know that we will make it. That will achieve what we’ve set out to do. Our efforts are not in vain. We are not unaccomplished. We are not stagnant. We are people of progress. We are people of growth. We are people of victories. We are Warriors.

Bask in the small victories. They lead the way to the future ones. When one appreciates the little things, they appreciate everything.

Plant the seeds of victory. Water it. Tend to it. And when your tree of victory grows big and mighty, remember that it was due to the seeds of victory from the beginning.

Continue to be victorious, Warrior!

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