Wisdom Wednesday: It’s Okay to Not Have It Figured Out

Sometimes we may think that we have it all figured out, then we continue on our journey and realize that we do not have it all figured out.

As we grow, we must adjust. What worked in the past may not work now. It’s like trying to wear a pair of pants from when you were six years old. You may love it but it just does not work.

It is quite easy to get caught up in what we thought we had planned for ourselves or when we see others who look like they have it together. You are not them. They are not you. You have your own beautiful and adventurous path that you must travel that will mold you. Your path with create you into the most wonderful and extraordinary human being ever. If you let you. Along time journey, you must ensure that you do not feed the beast of doubt and worry. You must not feed the beast of envy or comparison. You must feed the life of the lion(ess) of triumph, resilience, patience, faith, growth, love, and peace.

We must take the time to constantly reevaluate our goals, our successes, and our desires. Personally speaking, what I wanted to do a few years ago differs from what I want to do today. Sometimes, we just don’t have the foresight yet. We have to walk our path a little longer to be revealed key things. It is almost like a game of clue. If you pay attention, you will have clues along the way to help you figure it out. The fun is not knowing everything or having it all together. The fun is going along the path and growing. Seeing what you’ve learned, how you’ve matured, how you’ve helped others, how you’ve put out positive energy.

You will not always have it figured out. All that matters is that you are trying and that you are working. You are fighting. You are growing. You are planting seeds.

It is okay.

Be patient, Warrior, and enjoy the ride.

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