Clearing the Energy with the Full Moon



Pictured above: Sage for smudging and a book for meditation.

It is that wonderful time of the month where we have been blessed with the Full Moon.

Oh, how the Moon is bright and lovely this evening. This month, the moon is in Gemini while the Sun is in Sagittarius. You may feel anxious, on edge, and/or frustrated. There is this feeling that may embody you that you can not explain and may not fully understand. You just feel that change.

Fret not, Warrior. The energies are shifting as the Sun and Moon does. While the Full Moon graces us with what can beautiful shifts, we must be consciously aware of the energy that we are putting forth.

One way that we can ensure that this occurs is by resetting the energy around us. Smudging sage, burning incense, or burning palo santo wood helps with these efforts. Recreating a positive atmosphere helps bring clarity, helps ground us, and creates peace around us. Take the time for yourself and others to reset. Meditate, read, take a bath, listen to soothing music and/or enjoy the weather outside.

Be aware of the manner of which you communicate. Be aware of the precedence that you set for yourself regarding work, errands, hobbies, and other things. Be aware of your feelings and your reactions to things. Take a moment to slow down and be present.

Harvest the energy of the Full Moon and enjoy this time. It is as powerful as it is beautiful.

Be well and happy smudging.

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