Wisdom Wednesday: Did You Listen?

Did you do what you were told? Did you listen to that inner voice and the direction that was bestowed upon you?

Yes? What great things happened to/for you?

No? Do you wish that you did?

There is a magnificent guide within each and every one of us. The guide partners with our intuition and tells us what to do and where to go. This helps us avoid bad situations, help someone out, and get us to a better state in our journey. But, if you are not into with it, you will miss out on the guidance that is sure to lead you on your journey.

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Goals for the New Chapter

The end of the calendar year is upon us. As the bells rings, fireworks goes off, and the sunsets on the last night of the year, we must prepare ourselves.

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Mother Moon, you are on your way to being full. You are having us with your glory. You gently shine on us and share your energy. From the new moon to quarter moon to full moon, I love seeing each phase. 
Take some time to enjoy her beauty and absorb her energy.

Wisdom Wednesday: Time Knows No Limits

Time tables. Self-imposed time frames. Time limits.

What do they really mean?

Not. A. Doggone. Thing.

Naturally (or perhaps, a learned habit), we put time limits/expectations on things. Our goals. Our life. Our accomplishments. Everything. Now, there are times when this is quite appropriate — say when we need not procrastinate and a time frame put fires under our behinds. In the remaining ways, time tables are not appropriate. You can not limit growth. You cannot speed up the growth process. There are no shortcuts. There are no fast tracks.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Sit Still

As I prepared to tune into myself and the Universe to determine the topic for this Wisdom Wednesday, it began apparent that I am to write about something that has been a lesson for me more than once.

There will be times when we need to sit still. We must sit still and just be. We are all full of many talents and capabilities which we put to use without issue. We all have goals that we would like to accomplish. Things to do. People to see. You know how it goes. But while we can say that we’ve been there and accomplished xyz, how often can we say that we’ve sat still? While we were figuring things out for ourselves (actively or inactively), have we sat still? How many times did we feel the need to sit still and we did not? We felt as we needed to more productive with our time, instead.

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Take time to go on a date with Mother Earth. Listen to the water flow, the birds chirp, the wind blow, the rustle of the leaves. Breath in the fresh air that surrounds the sanctuary of nature. 

We must enjoy yet not destroy what we have been blessed with. She brings us peace of mind, body, and spirit. Allow yourself refresh & reset. Be one with yourself and the Mother Earth. Be in love.

Wisdom Wednesday: Energy Purge!


It is time for the energy purge. The seasons have changed and the end of the calendar year is coming to an end. It is time to get rid of energies that do not bring you peace. Realize that energy surrounds us everywhere. Our homes. Our jobs. Our friends and family. Our belongings. Our thoughts.

Today is the day we leave behind the energy that we do not need. It is time to do some energetic cleaning. Bring light to yourself and let go of it all. Start over. Reset. Heal. Cleanse. Purge.

Conduct a physical cleansing by cleaning and getting rid of things that you don’t need. Donate old clothes to someone who needs it. Conduct a spiritual cleansing by meditating and readjusting your thoughts. Replace all doubt with confidence. Fear with faith. Gently close off relationships that do not grow you. Clear your space by placing your crystals, burning sage, incense or Palo Santo.

Let go of what you don’t need. Not quite sure if you need it or not? Take the time to disconnect and go within yourself to understand yourself and address any issues, uncertainties, fear, anxiety, frustrations, impatience, insecurities, and anything that may negatively impact how you feel. Your spirit knows. You just need to get in tune with it.

Happy energy purging, Warriors!