Mother Moon, you are on your way to being full. You are having us with your glory. You gently shine on us and share your energy. From the new moon to quarter moon to full moon, I love seeing each phase. 
Take some time to enjoy her beauty and absorb her energy.

Wisdom Wednesday: Time Knows No Limits

Time tables. Self-imposed time frames. Time limits.

What do they really mean?

Not. A. Doggone. Thing.

Naturally (or perhaps, a learned habit), we put time limits/expectations on things. Our goals. Our life. Our accomplishments. Everything. Now, there are times when this is quite appropriate — say when we need not procrastinate and a time frame put fires under our behinds. In the remaining ways, time tables are not appropriate. You can not limit growth. You cannot speed up the growth process. There are no shortcuts. There are no fast tracks.

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