Wisdom Wednesday: Time Knows No Limits

Time tables. Self-imposed time frames. Time limits.

What do they really mean?

Not. A. Doggone. Thing.

Naturally (or perhaps, a learned habit), we put time limits/expectations on things. Our goals. Our life. Our accomplishments. Everything. Now, there are times when this is quite appropriate — say when we need not procrastinate and a time frame put fires under our behinds. In the remaining ways, time tables are not appropriate. You can not limit growth. You cannot speed up the growth process. There are no shortcuts. There are no fast tracks.

Time knows no limits as we are on our journey. Time is infinite just like our growth. We must not impede time with our expectations of when “it” should be accomplished. You know not of what you are to learn, release, begin, end, grow from during this period of time.

We must learn to not be disappointed when the time frame changes. Sometimes it speeds us, sometimes it slows down, and sometimes it seems to stop. When this happens, we must focus on the present. Focus on what it is that we must learn from this time period in our lives.

Take a moment and think back on a situation/period when you told yourself, “I need to have this done by ___”, “If I am going to do this, then ___ needs to happen before ___,” “I planned on accomplishing this by ___.” And then compare it to when whatever “it” was actually happened. Was it for the better? I am sure that it was.

Our journey is sacred and is not to be passed over or rushed through. We must be sure to learn and grow. We should not focus on the not-so-good but focus on the great. Know that we are beings capable of change and capable of being the change.

Warrior, be aware that time being infinite is not an excuse to not listen when you are being told to move by that voice inside you. That is a discussion for another day.

Be one with time, Warrior.


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