Wisdom Wednesday: Did You Listen?

Did you do what you were told? Did you listen to that inner voice and the direction that was bestowed upon you?

Yes? What great things happened to/for you?

No? Do you wish that you did?

There is a magnificent guide within each and every one of us. The guide partners with our intuition and tells us what to do and where to go. This helps us avoid bad situations, help someone out, and get us to a better state in our journey. But, if you are not into with it, you will miss out on the guidance that is sure to lead you on your journey.

Being in tune with the guide is not a one-time, catch-all situation. This is an every day, every hour, every minute, every second relationship.

Take a few minutes to close your eyes, get quiet and listen. Listen to the voice deep within you. Now, think of some of the answers to some of your questions that you were searching for. Do you hear you answers coming to you? It is okay if you don’t feel it just yet. Sometimes, the answers will come with time.

Have you ever felt compelled to help someone out, smile at someone, make a move, and/or remove yourself from a situation and you did not know why at the time? It is your guide.

All that we are. Each place that we are going will be guided by the voice within. It is up to you to listen or to venture off the path. Be sure to be in tune with the guide and maintain a strong relationship. We must get back to the ways of our ancestors as they looked within for all the answers they needed.

The answers are always there.

So I ask you, Warrior. Did you listen?

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