The Importance of Caring for Self


This one holds true for us all. Sometimes we learn this lesson gently; other times, not so much. This is more of the latter. Our goals and objectives often become the forefront of our focus rather than a holistic view of our entire being. Our mind, body, and spirit. The second one falls to the wayside at times.

We must ensure that we are completely aware of how we feel. Although we have self-imposed completion dates on our goals, we must be sure to be in tune with how we feel mentally, physically and spiritually. If you are tired, exhausted, and/or unwell, that is not good. You are not in your best state. Rest is important. Recuperating is imperative. Healing is the utmost important thing.

All of this may be a simple fix. Perhaps, one should rest and not rush off to run errands. Perhaps, one should take time to soak in a bath rather than take a quick shower. Maybe one should open the windows to allow the fresh air to flow throughout your home. Or take a walk on a trail and be surrounded by nature as the sounds of the ever-busy city/society. Self-care is quite important and can only be done by you and only you. Others will want to take care of you and help you in any way but care begins within.

Take care, Warrior, and be well. 

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