Wisdom Wednesday: Call It Into Existence

Battle of the mind.
So many outside factors, ourselves, and whatever else shows up on the battlefield to try to hinder the forward march of goals, aspirations and progress.
March on Warrior. The battlefield is yours. Slay the doubts. Crush the negative thoughts. Destroy the energy of the naysayers. Put your energy behind your shield as you make your path.

Do NOT allow yourself of anyone to take away from what you are working toward.

Call everything into existence.
You will get your degree.
You will get your house.
You will create your foundation.
Your business will succeed.
You will heal.
You will find your own form of meditation.
You will find a career that you love.
You will make use of your talents.
You will get to the best place for you.
You are great.

Call it into existence.
Call it.
Write it out.
Live it
Be it.
Embody it.
Embed into your heart.
Let it be yours.

Nothing will get in your way.
Not even you.

Move over everything, a determined Warrior is coming through.

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