Wisdom Wednesday: Wishing Your Life Away

Are you wishing your life away?
Very often, you hear everyone “counting down until the weekend.” Less and less, you hear people rejoicing in each day. It has become our culture to live for the weekend and discount the rest of the days. If one only lives for the weekend, are they only living for 2 days four times a month? 8 days. Only 96 days out of the entire year. What about this rest of the days that you’ve been given?

Are you taking advantage of having the opportunity to alive, well, and able to accomplish your goals? Are you thankful each and every day for the day? To be able to be out in nature. To breath air. To witness the beauty of the Earth. The beauty of you. The greatness of your talents. The magic in  opportunity. Or are you just living for the weekend?

Make the decision to live life to the very fullest. Life is one of the best gifts that you can be given. Yes, it has its challenges but it can beautiful if you allow it. Do not wish away your life or they’ll be a day where you wish for it back.

Go on the trips. Read a book. Learn a new language. Take a job that fulfills you. Don’t chase money. Take walks in Mother Nature. Stare at the stars. Watch the Moon phases. Love completely and fully. Feel the sun rays. Smile. Live. Enjoy. Be well.

You have a life, Warrior! Make the best of it!

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