22 February 2016: Full Moon


22 February 2016: Full Moon
It is the time of the month when the sky is lit up with the gentle light of Mother Moon as her energy helps us with our creativity, clarity, as well as spirit. 
This month’s Moon is in Virgo which influences healing, order and detail.
Be patient as you work though these energies and vibrate higher. Focus on manifesting better for yourself and know that it calls for patience and determination. Use this energy to the highest capacity. 


Repeat it. Engrain this in your mind. In your being. Believe it. Live it. 

Wisdom Wednesday: ‘Good Enough’ is the Enemy of Great


Mediocrity has no place on your path of greatness. Always aim to excel further than what is expected. The effort that you put forth trains your mind to strive for success, to overcome obstacles and to persevere.

Don’t become stagnant. “Good enough” will only get you part of the way there.

While we all have trial&errors, we also have triumphs that outweigh anything else. Learn from EACH situation and you will see yourself grow.

Excel to your greatest potential.

You hold the power, Warrior.



A little #wisdom from bell hooks on the day that is focused on love. In order to love and be loved, one must love themselves first.

Wisdom Wednesday: One Cannot Grow

One cannot grow when they are fulfilling themselves with the same energy.

If one has been wronged by someone or something, do not harp on it. If something has not gone as you please, let it go. Realize that everything we may want isn’t good for us. Somethings that we consider a loss may have protected us. Something we missed out on may have been better suited for someone else.

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(Image Source: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/campaigns/visa-anywhere/seychelles/article/seychelles-most-idyllic-beaches/)

Hey! It’s #transporttuesday!!!! Sometimes, as a form a meditation, I mentally take a vacation to different beautiful places in the world. Today’s vacation was the island of Seychelles on the West Coast of Africa. I imagine the wonderful breeze, warm water, the sun, the trees dancing in this breeze, the fresh fruit. All of the goodness! Where are you mentally transporting today?

Happy transporting, Warrior!

Wisdom Wednesday: Habitual Cycles (Good Habits)

Habits. The truth teller. The past reviewer. The present forecast. The future predictor.


We all have them. The good and the bad. The progressive and stagnant ones. But what fuels them? Where do we learn them? Why do some stay and others do not? What influenced us so that we adapt a habit that may be conscious or subconscious?

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