Wisdom Wednesday: Habitual Cycles (Good Habits)

Habits. The truth teller. The past reviewer. The present forecast. The future predictor.


We all have them. The good and the bad. The progressive and stagnant ones. But what fuels them? Where do we learn them? Why do some stay and others do not? What influenced us so that we adapt a habit that may be conscious or subconscious?

Life. Experiences. Our thoughts. Our families. Where we are. Where we want to be. What we think of ourselves. What we believe. What we are trying to figure it out. Our dreams. Our goals. Everything.

How are we letting these factors influence us? Are we allowing them to be fuel that helps us grow? Are we allowing the bad habits of others to become ours? Or are we creating our own habitual cycles of positivity, growth, progress, peace, love, humility, and mindfulness?

Think of all of the beautiful habits that you have that are molding you into the magnificent Warrior that you are and are growing into. You meditate. You smile. You have a positive outlet. You are mindful of your words, thoughts, feelings, and actions. You put forth the effort to let go of past hurts. You look at past experiences as lessons and not something that was put forth to destroy you. You’ve pushed past discomfort and thrived. You’ve continued on your path while others discouraged you or you could not see the next best thing. You’ve tapped into the energy of your greatness to encourage you when nothing else did. You focus on what you are working toward rather than all that needs to be done. You know that you are making progress. You’ve made your own light when it only seemed to be darkness surrounding you. You are light. You claim all that is for you. You do not allow anyone or anything to get you off of your path. In the rare occasion occurs when it feels that you’ve strayed away from your path, you remove that distance. You believe that you are a Warrior. You live your life as a Warrior.

Think of all of the habits that are not great and could be better. As you think of those, reimagine them as a work in progress.

Lessons, not mistakes. Create the cycle of good habits. Grow from them. Affirm them. Be them. It begins with awareness and that is something that you are full of.

You are of great habit, Warrior.

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