Wisdom Wednesday: One Cannot Grow

One cannot grow when they are fulfilling themselves with the same energy.

If one has been wronged by someone or something, do not harp on it. If something has not gone as you please, let it go. Realize that everything we may want isn’t good for us. Somethings that we consider a loss may have protected us. Something we missed out on may have been better suited for someone else.

You say you want to grow. Want to do better. Want to get your life together. But you are continuously feeding from the same source, the same energy. 

Change the wavelengths of which you thrive. You will not progress until you decide to do so. Clear your mind and conscience. Strip yourself of all that does not grow you. Plant seeds of growth, peace, love, harmony, and prosperity. As you tend to what you’ve planted, you will see change.

You got this, Warrior. Grow.

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