Wisdom Wednesday: The Universe, Balancer of All Things

The Universe is the ultimate balancer, protector and guide.

The Universe has a way of removing all that is not for us and maintaining/presenting what is for us. We must take the time to understand and be able to differentiate what we should hold onto versus what we should let go. There will come a time (countless times, actually) where one will realize that something seems “lost” to them – a friend, opportunity, job, significant other, etc. But, have you realized how things have improved for you going forward? Maybe that “great” opportunity have an even better one come after it. Perhaps you thought that you’d be happy with the job/house/car/situation/person/self if you were to do _____, but the Universe said otherwise.

When things are organically placed as a “roadblock” or a stepping stone, things start to make more sense. They fall into place as they should. Now, in order for the improvements (by way of change) to occur, you will have to do some growing as well. Everything is out there to teach us and build us. Whether you are aware of it or not, there are people and situations that you have been shielded from because that/they were not for you. It was not to improve you or enhance you.

Nothing or no one can “break” you unless you allow it to. Do not allow someone or something to control dictate your emotions, mindset, self-worth, behavior, outlook, perspective, energy, motivation, determination, humility, talent, or the power within. You are greater than anything that you are facing and that is thrown at you. You must tap into yourself to take the time to understand the different things that are going on. Sometimes, it will not make sense at the time. Trust your gut, yourself and the Universe to guide you and keep things balanced.

Sometimes, you have to shed a little in order to get to the best layer of yourself. Trust the process. The process is not always pretty but it will get you where you need to be. Do not go against it. Go with the flow always. The current will carry you to the right place at the right time. Enjoy your transformation. Enjoy the process.

Everything. EVERYTHING is in divine order.

Trust and be balanced, Warrior!

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