Wisdom Wednesday: Seek the Beauty in Everything

With so much going on in the world, it is imperative that we focus on the beauty that occurs every day. We must not allow what we read/hear about or see in the news. Remember that although it seems that bad things are happening often, there are many great spirits around the world bringing joy to themselves and others.

It is important to separate ourselves from the happenings of the world and look within as well as the beauty of Mother Nature. Each day, we are gifted with witnessing and experiencing the amazing innerworkings of nature. No matter what, the birds will sing, the clouds will move, the Sun will rise, the Moon will glow, the air will flow, the insects of will hum and buzz with movement. Next to the concrete that has been erected everywhere, nature is around. Take some time to walk in the grass, smell the fragrance of the flowers, feel the wind on your skin, listen to the birds and the bugs, look for ladybugs and bees at work. Enjoy it all.

There are also many Warriors around the world that are doing great things. There are young men supporting their graduating classmate on awards day due to him not having family. There are people who have taken the care of little ones in their own hands because they are orphans. There are people who give free haircuts to the homeless to make them feel better. There are people who simply smile at everyone they see. There are those who pay for the meal or purchase groceries who are trying to make ends meet. There are those who help others learn to read, be proficient in math, or sciences. There are those who mentor students who may not have someone to guide them as they should. There are those who work to establish programs to provide necessary care where it may not be accessible. There are those who establish community gardens where any and everyone can tend to it and benefit from the harvest. There are those who work to secretly pay the medical bills of others anonymously. There are those who spends time with the elderly to keep them happy. There are those who create jobs that people can thrive in to the best of their abilities. There are those who have literally given the shoes off their feet and clothes off their back. And there are those who take the time to hear someone’s story and lend a shoulder when it is needed. There are countless stories that far outweigh the negativity.

Positivity makes the vibration of the world higher and rises above anything that isn’t. Trust the process, Warrior.

Happy beauty seeking!

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