Critics Fuel Success…If You Let It – Wisdom Wednesday

“If you have no critics, you’ll likely have no success.”
–Malcolm X

This quote rings true. It is quite amazing as I stumbled upon this right when I needed to receive this message.

In our lifetime, we will encounter countless challenges brought on by life, circumstances and sometimes, by our own choices. In some cases, the challenge involves those you interact with for work, social, and personal activities. These individuals will likely challenge your patience, your intellect, and your light. This many come in many forms. It may be subtle or blatant. They make intentionally work against you or indirectly to do. Know not to take it personally.

You see, when people recognize greatness, some are offended. They are offended because they choose to focus on what you are doing and not themselves. They see you working toward the betterment of yourself and others and they don’t like it. They don’t like that you have the courage to pursue your dreams. They don’t like that you have the faith to keep doing what you are doing. They don’t like that you believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself. They don’t believe that you deserve what you have. They don’t believe that you’ve earned it. They don’t believe that you have what it takes. They can’t see beyond what you are doing g because they themselves are afraid to step out and live up to their greatness. They take if personally that you are living in, up to, and exceeding your LIGHT. They don’t like it. They criticize you. They find fault in what you do. They find challenge who you are. But worry not, Warrior.

They will come and they will go. They will help you recognize all that you are. They will help you see that you deserve great things. They will help you understand that you are resilient and not easily broken. They will help you know and TRUST your greatness. They will push you to live up to your fullest potential. They will make you stronger. They will help you grow.

Remember rain showers grow the most beautiful flowers. And you, Warrior, are definitely a flower of the Universe. Thank you critics, my dear, for the help you more than you know.

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