Don’t Sweat It! – Wisdom Wednesday


Life is funny. Life is beautiful. Life is challenging. Life is a gift.

And in life, there are things that come along with it that we’d much rather not have to deal with. But…life isn’t a salad; we can’t pick and choose what we add/subtract from it. So with that, we must learn to “deal” – persevere, accept, push through, cope, love, enjoy and  live fully.

Part of “dealing” with life means choosing our battles and choosing what we allow to impact our emotions. We will face adversity in many different forms – people, situations, jobs, health and more. We must learn to discern which battles are worth our Warrior energy and what is not. Oftentimes, we may come across situations that trigger our emotions (read: anger, frustrations, sadness) yet, really should not impact us. Why? Because the negative energy that is so often presented through a person or situation, is not for us. For example, if someone were to give their (negative) opinion about you that is wrapped in a discussion, you may take that and think, “Am I really _____”, “Do I really ____,” “Why would ___ say ____?” This fuels thoughts that are better left undone because in reality, the negativity is a reflection of how that person feels about themselves or the situation is there to challenge you to see how you react.

On the side of situations, there will be many. More than we can count or even remember. Some will feel small in comparison to others and some will feel as large as the sea. In the face of each situation we must not get worked up. We must not let it knock us down and take out the strength within us. We must face all things and know that we will come out triumphant. We shall not get discouraged. We shall know that it make us stronger and will be yet another battle star on our shield.

Not matter the person, situation, or any other factors, don’t sweat it! It all shall pass. See, one must realize that with everything in life, we have the opportunity to learn and grow. There is the opportunity to learn from e v e r y t h i n g. Every. Single. Thing. When we change our mindset to take all that we experience and turn it into lessons that we can use over a lifetime, we will flourish.

Put your up your proverbial battle shield, Warrior! Do not sweat the small stuff. Enjoy life to the fullest capacity. Absorb the beauty in all things. Exude the powerful, unique person full of talent peace and love that you are.

Peace, love and light to you, Warrior.

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