Stay in Your Own Lane – Wisdom Wednesday


You are unique. You have your own talents. Your own goals to reach.

There is no need to compare yourself to the next person no matter what. No matter what you see on social media. No matter what you read in magazines. No. Matter. What.

Your journey is your own. You have wonderful milestones to achieve and lesson-filled tribulations to experience.

Each one of us has a path that was developed specifically for you. You have a custom-made life. Custom-made by the Universe. Custom-made by you.

Don’t chip away at your own personal mold just to try to fit into someone else’s life. Your life is for you.

Be proud of all of your accomplishments. No matter how long it took you to get there. No matter what battles you faced along the way. No matter the way the path took you. You did it. You got it.

Take time to celebrate yourself. Take time to grow. Take time to learn your own lessons. Take time to enjoy your life. Your lane is your own. Your path is your own. Your life is your own. Be proud of it. Be happy with it. Make your life a phenomenal one.

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