Reflection of the Past – Wisdom Wednesday

Every moment we have, our current position in life, our life is because of many things. Faith. Determination. Agility. Strength. Humility. Drive. Love. Healing. Prosperity. Peace.

Some say not to dwell on the past, but I must disagree slightly. One must look back and realize how far one has come. It may be small difference or a larger one. But just like one brick turns into many, it adds ups and creates a solid foundation and framework for the better.
It may not be what you want or see for yourself, but it is progress. A stepping stone. Improvement. A better today. Don’t give up if you stumble. A little bruise is just a sign that you’ve overcome. Keep a peaceful mind, a loving heart, and a determined spirit, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS give thanks.
You’ve got this, Warrior.

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