Protect Your Psyche: Wisdom Wednesday 

Wisdom Wednesday // 07.06.16

Today’s wisdom Wednesday came on as the result of so many things that we witness on a daily basis. There are so many things that we are exposed to – directly and indirectly – that greatly impacts our minds and spirits.

With all that is going on in the world, it is important to stay grounded. It is important to stay full of light. It is imperative to protect one’s psyche. It is too easy to have the emotional residue of situations or experiences; be it ours or someone else’s. Our emotional, physical and spiritual being depends on us shielding what can not grow us.

This isn’t to say that you must reject all that doesn’t feel great and not experience it. There are some things that are our lessons. They are our experiences. We must be there and learn. However, there is a fine line. Some things, we must shield ourselves from temporarily or permanently. We must consciously decide if we must engage our minds and hearts in something or if we are better off not doing so.

At times, one may feel as though they are being selfish for putting themselves first. But your peace, joy, happiness, harmony and sanity depend on it. You must protect yourself. You must erect a shield that blocks all the negativety around you and directed toward you. You must have a Warrior mentality. Some days, it may take more effort and willpower to do so but you’ll do it. You must. You have it in you.

Be at peace, Warrior. Be at peace within and exude be. Be peace. Be light. Be love. Be joy. If nothing else, trust yourself as a Warrior and follow your intuition.

Shield your psyche.

One love.

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