If you have not had the pleasure of tasting fresh coconut water, you are truly missing out on one of Mother Nature’s gifts to us.

Drinking fresh coconut water instantly puts me in a good mood. It is light, refreshing, delicious, and great for you. Besides coconut water making you feel like you are in a tropical paradise enjoying the ocean breeze (not dramatic in the least), it provides one with so many benefits.

Coconut water (the liquid from within the coconut, not to be confused with coconut milk) comes from young (green) coconuts and is clear. If you get a coconut and the water is foggy, you may not want to drink it — typically found in mature (brown) coconuts. Or you may… as it is a natural diuretic. Young (green) coconuts are for the water, mature (brown) coconuts are for the coconut meat. 

Back to the good stuff.

Coconut water is GREAT for electrolytes. Way better than the “sports” drinks that are marketed to provide electrolytes.

Coconut water provides a ton of minerals! It provides zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron manganese, and potassium. There are also complex B vitamins in the water as well.

Coconut water is quite hydrating. It is wonderful to drink throughout the day and while/after exercising.

And…it. is. delicious. That’s the most important part – amongst other things.

The wonderful part about all of this is that you can get coconut water from coconuts yourself! And if you are not able to, there are several reputable companies that provide natural, unaltered coconut water in a recyclable paper box container (think: juice box-style).

We must appreciate the tasty, healthy, and beautiful gifts that nature provides to us for a fantastic life. Who said that healthy doesn’t taste great?

Happy hydrating and revitalizing, Warrior!






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