Full Moon Manifestations: July 2016


As I sit here writing this, I am enjoying the scent of the incense burning and vibing with the relaxing music that is playing in the background.

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed a subtle shift. The need for quiet. The desire of clarity. The longing on continuous peace. Simply put, the need to just be. So now I am here, as many of you Warriors are. Feeling the shift of the Universe. Going with it. Adjusting as we go along. Making room for the Universe but working on our peace all at the same time. Wondering what is fueling these indescribable feelings but acknowledging their presence. And then, you look to the sky. Looking for answers. Searching for peace. Becoming one. And when you look, you see her. You feel her power. You feel her. The Full Moon. She has arrived.

In this time, absorb her power and her vibe to guide us. This is the time of cleansing, recharging, and setting intentions. This is a time for self-care. This is a time for peace. This is a time where we address all that we seek to be and achieve. This is the time for us.

As you feel Madam Full Moon as she surrounds us, be sure to take time to plant your seeds. Plant the seeds in your mind, heart, spirit and entire being. This is the time to dispel all negative thoughts that you harbor and/or that has been placed upon you by others. This is the time to breakup with discouragement, doubt, mistrust, lack of faith and anything else that kills the plants of life that you have planted. Do not cast aside any feelings that you may have. Acknowledge them. Address them. Allow it to teach you, heal you, or grow you.

Write down the seeds that you shall plant. Describe how they shall grow into plants of your dreams and goals.

Take time for self-care. You come first. No matter what. No. Matter.  What. At all times.

Be the face of joy for yourself. Be the Sun to the Full Moon.

Dance under the moonlight. Bask in her power.

You, my Warrior, are on the path of greatness. Let the Moon be the light that shines down on your path; that guides your journey. She is your guide. She is your lead. She partners with the Sun and Universe to make you the greatest that you can be. Trust her. Trust yourself.

You got this.

Happy manifesting, Moon dancing, dream living, seed planting, greatness being, Warrior!

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