The Tranquility of Restfulness

It is summer and you’ve been using the energy of the season to go full throttle. But, now, you experience times when you feel like you’ve put forth all of your energy and there is none left.

This is when we must say to ourselves, “We must rest. It is okay to relax and recharge.” And this is true. Doing so may feel like a challenge when there are things to get done. But one must realize, that there is a l w a y s something that’ll need to be done. What comes first is the healing and resting of one’s mind, body and spirit.

We, as Warriors, cannot continue without recharging. It is not good for our health. It is not good for our spirit. We must be tranquil. We must live in serenity. Those things are fostered in a restful state.

Be at peace with acknowleding that we must set things aside in order to focus on ourselves. In that, we must create a restful environment as well as habits.

Rest must come throughout the day, everyday, every week and forever. Each day, we should take time to rest our mind and body and remove ourselves from the day-to-day efforts. Close our eyes and meditate. Walk outside and listen to the birds sing; the wind rustle the leaves; feel the sun on our skin.

We must have a stopping point for the day where all of our efforts cease. No more work. No more chores. No more prepping. Just a bubble bath or shower. Just a book or relaxing music. Spend some time coloring or creating a story for little ones. Spend sometime envisioning a great moment that you’ve had in the past (such as being on the beach) or a great moment that you shall create.

Do not rush through everything that you do. Take your time to enjoy it, even if it doesn’t seem the most pleasant. Always have a grateful mindset.

There are many ways to rest ourselves and feel rested. We must seek them and/or create them. Always make an effort to. Our spirits, mind, and body will take us.

Peace and tranquility, Warrior!

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