Take It In Stride – Wisdom Wednesday


You are full of talent and greatness that is waiting to be shared with the world. The fire of the greatness burns within and is constantly fueling us. The fire fuels us to utilize our talents to the fullest extent. However, there is a time and place for each aspect of our greatness. Each part of greatness has a part in our journey. There are parts that must occur before the next aspect can. Keep this in mind as you journey through your life; as you put to use your talents and greatness.

Oftentimes, we get excited, energized and are compelled to use our fire for everything. We get the notion to use our talents but the timing is divinely ordered by the Universe. We must not get discouraged if we feel that our talents are as fruitful as we expected it to be. Do not allow the fire to burn so hot that it burns before it is time. Keep an ear to the Universe and feel when you are being moved. The fire within is something powerful.

Taper the fire. Stoke it to allow the fire to burn for a long period of time throughout the life of the journey. Feed the fire. Let it grow.

Be the light, Warrior!

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