The Danger of Keeping Emotions Hidden


We have all been there. We have been presented with a moment that created varying emotions within, yet we do not deal with them; we bury them. We bury the emotions so that we won’t run the risk of exposing them or facing them. As we allow them to be tucked away, they fester. Hidden emotions are like a slow-leaking tire. You may not notice for a while, but eventually it will become a problem.

Choosing not to deal with emotions and situations usually seem like the best option. Often, we are told, “Just walk away.” Where that usually works in face-to-face situations, it does not work when it comes to dealing with emotions. Emotions roll through our spirit and being just as our blood flows through our veins. Emotions can be a myriad of things: joy, happiness, frustration, sadness, hurt… Those that are of lower energy frequencies (frustration, anger, sadness, hurt, doubt, fear), can cause turmoil in our mind, spirit and body if left unchecked.

The sources that add to our emotions are endless. The news. Television shows. Experiences. Other people. The list goes on. We must utilize filters of things that we internalize and also choose not to ignore what we are experiencing.

Although what we are sometimes faced with isn’t a joyful moment, we must feel it and work through it. Take a moment to focus on the word, through. These experiences are not a lifetime commitment. As we work through them, the feeling flees our body, leaves our mind, and relieves our spirit.

On the higher energy frequencies, we should ensure that we here in this moment. That we experience the joyful experiences. Being in the here and now allows the positive energy to move through our bodies, uplift our spirit, and bring peace to our hearts. These moments are what memories are made of and makes us feel wonderful. Live them. Love them.

Be it low energy emotions or high vibrating emotions, we must feel and experience them. It will teach us or make us happy. Either way it goes, we are growing.

You got this, Warrior.

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