Keep Your Peace

On this day, I say, “Keep Your Peace.”

Keep your peace in the face of this unique New Moon.

Keep your peace in the face of the nefarious.

Keep your peace in the moments of challenges.

For when those times are over, you will still be standing. Be the one that is standing surrounding by peaceful energy rather than chaotic energy.

Let those moments not lead you into a period of confusion, uncertainty, fear, anger, frustration or doubt. Let these moments lead you into the cove of peace, wisdom, harmony, serenity, faith, and strength.

Call upon the Universe to deliver the peace and strength that you need. Believe that it is within for you to preservere. Know that you will getting beyond these moments that arrive to challenge your peace.

Peace is a a dynamic and sturdy cloak that embodies you at all times. Although we may unintentionally and intentionally allow it to be shed from time to time, keep it around you everywhere you go no matter what you face.

Hold strong onto your peace, Warrior, for it will get you through.

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