Wisdom on a Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and my goal is to share a message.

It is simple but is something that everyone can relate to.

The weak often lash out to protect themselves in some form or fashion. Oftentimes, in protecting themselves, they are often wounding others. Although this is experience isn’t something that is welcome or a ray of sunshine, let it roll off of you.

You see, those who remain positive in the face of adversity are the ones who prevail. Those who act out in the face of adversity will soon learn that they have many lessons to go through before they are allowed to proceed to the next aspect of the journey.

No matter who we are, we’ve all experienced these moments in some way. They’ve taught us things. They’ve opened our eyes. They’ve mad us frustrated. They’ve made us sad. But they’ve also made us stronger.

As the person on the receiving in, do not think less of yourself. Stand strong in the face of these moments and know that you will not break or bend in the storm.

Stand strong and trust the good.

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