7 Ways to Embody Peace



It is a common factor in my posts, discussions, thoughts and life. I wholeheartedly believe that peace is one of the most important aspects of our lives. I also believe that oftentimes, outside influences impact our peace far often than it should.

Outside influences can be an array of things. Work, family, friends, strangers, neighborhood, economy, national issues, past experiences, weather, traffic, travel, commute, bills, neighbors…you name it. Outside influences is anything that impacts you that does not come from within. We must be in charge of ourselves. In charge of our reactions. In charge of our emotions. We must not let these outside influences impact our peace.

Peace is yours and yours only. No one is allowed to take away your peace if you don’t allow it. I know that it can be a challenge, specifically when things that may impact our peace come out of nowhere, seemingly. We may not always know when we will have to defend our peace, but we can be ready! Here are 7 ways to embody peace at all times.

  1. Close Your Eyes & Breathe – Shutting out the negativity at the moment allows you the opportunity to close the gates on the challenge. This gives you time to become grounded and centered within before addressing the situation inwardly and outwardly.
  2. Know That It Is Temporary – Every moment is fleeting, especially the bad ones. Storms always pass. While storms are present, they wipe out the old and prepare it for the new. Take the lesson from the moment and allow it to make you stronger.
  3. Remember That You Are a Warrior – Repeat after me, “I am a Warrior! Nothing that I face will defeat me!” Sometimes, we must remember that we are Warriors and are stronger. We are MUCH stronger than what we face. Put on your spiritual armor and get ready for battle.
  4. Listen to Soothing Music – There will be moments when we feel it. We feel the negative energy surrounding us and we need it gone. Music is a healer. Listen to music that will soothe you and put you in a better mood. Allow the music to help you release and sediment of whatever situation you were faced with.
  5. Mentally Build an Impenetrable Fort Around Yourself – This is for EVERY MOMENT of your life. Protect your mind, body, spirit, and space. Build a fort around yourself. Let the fort walls repel all negative energy that comes your way. No matter what the vibe is of others around you, make sure that your Warrior fort is full of positive, balance energy that cannot be influenced by anything outside of it.
  6. Carry Your Crystals – Not everyone believes in crystal healing power, but it is real. Think about this: everything that we do should be as close to Earth as possible. The food we eat. Our water. Us. Crystals are one of the many gifts that Mother Earth has gifted us with. Many understand how the Universe created these beautiful plants full of energy and amazing capabilities. Earth is one of them. She gifts us with plants, wind, and beautiful Earth gems known as crystals. Anything that comes from Mother Earth has healing powers. Different crystals help with energy. Carry stone that repels negative energy such as Black Obsidian.
  7. Spend Time Alone – Being alone allows us the opportunity to address our emotions, regroup, recharge, become grounded, provides awareness and healing. We are around so many different people on a regular basis that we don’t realize that we can pick up on their energy.  Constantly doing things (e.g. work, errands, etc.) can be taxing on the spirit when we don’t have time to be alone to reset. Just as the Sun and the Moon have their cycles to be around, we must understand that we, too, must make time to step away.

Always be peaceful, Warrior. And remember that you are the master of your peace. Let no one take that away.

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