4 Ways to Prepare for the Supermoon + Bonus Tip!


For many of us, Mother Moon will grace our presence tomorrow. She is going to be UP CLOSE AND BEAUTIFUL, Warriors!!

For the first time since 1948, Mother Moon will be E X T R E M E L Y close to the Earth. This is such a beautiful time to experience it.

Many of us have already began to feel the impact the Full Moon has on us. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful time to harness the powerful energy that the Moon gives us. As always, it is important to start from a place of positivity and not one of negative energy.

1. Cleanse the Energy 

Take a few minutes to meditate and to get your mind in a positive place. As you feel peace come over you, break out your sage / palo santo / incense and light it. Walk around your space and begin to cleanse the energy.

2. Take a Cleansing Bath

Time for self-care!! We definitely can’t forget it on this beautiful Sunday! Draw a warm bath with epsom salt and essential oils. Ylang Ylang, Orange, and Bergamot, Frankincense, and Chamomile  essential oils are wonderful oils for peace and anxiety. The epsom salt and essential oil combination not only draws toxins from our bodies but relaxes us as we allow a peaceful state of mind to take over. As an added bonus, play soothing instrumentals (such as spa or yoga music) as you relax in the bath.

3. Get Your Crystals Out!

Ah, crystals. As I learn more about them, I share more. As mentioned in 7 Ways to Embody Peace, crystals are a gift from Mother Earth. They are harvested in being and shared with us to use for energy. If you have crystals, place them in the moonlight to harvest the energy. Charge them up!

4. Set Your Intentions + Celebrate Wins!

With it being such a powerful time, this is the perfect time to set your intentions. Dig deep within yourself to identify the amazing things that you want to set out to do. This can be a range of things such as waking up earlier, watching the Sun rise everyday, working out more, eating more greens, going back to school, applying for a new job, creating your own business, helping someone out, creating a foundation, educating others, releasing a bad habit, smiling more, loving more, being more vulnerable, becoming more affection, becoming less nonchalant, slowing down to enjoy the day, leaving time for self, reading more, etc. Claim the greatness from the Universe for yourself. Also be sure give thanks to the Universe for the all great things past and present. Perhaps some awesome things have happened in the past and you want to allow yourself to fully feel the impact of it. As we show gratitude for what we have, more shall come. Shout it out Universe and have a grateful heart & spirit.

BONUS: Set Time for Moon Viewing

What’s the fun in preparing for Mother Moon if we don’t get to see her? You’ve now set the energy and are ready for the big moment. Set aside time to go outside and view Mother Moon in her full beauty. Bring a blanket, light a fire, kick off your shoes and stand on the Earth, dance until you can’t anymore, let laughter take over your body. And LOVE. L O V E  the moment. Enjoy it. Mother Moon came close for you to see. This will be something that we will talk about for years to come. And we will have the memory and feeling to return to whenever we like.

The Universe is a beautiful and sometimes mysterious place. We can sometimes be far removed from it where we don’t understand its impact. But if we slow down enough, we can enjoy it and allow the Universe to grow us for the better.

I hope that you enjoy this Full Moon and the preparation for it.

Peaceful Full Moon days, Warrior!

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